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Incite Announces Expanded Advisory Services to Support M&A

November 30, 2020

Incite is excited to announce the launch of expanded advisory services to support the M&A space.

Through its work with clients and other professional services firms, Incite has recognized a growing need for advisory services to support successful mergers and acquisitions, specifically around post-merger integration and often overlooked areas of the transaction such as strategic communications, stakeholder engagement, and corporate culture. These areas are important in maximizing the long-term success of a deal and, while they are especially vital to post-deal integration, they are needed before, during, and after the transaction to maintain focus, create alignment, and ensure ongoing engagement with all stakeholders.

“92% of sellers believe they could have handled communication and culture management more effectively during their last deal[1] and 80% of deals fail to fully deliver on their objectives because of ineffective post-merger integration[2].” Incite, an Edmonton-based firm established in 1999, believes it can positively impact these statistics.

Incite has a track record of supporting clients such as Noralta Lodge, Pomeroy Lodging, Hokanson Capital Inc, Next Equities, and Leaders International in building value and effectively executing business transactions and growth strategies through mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures. As a recognized leader in market strategy development, branding, and stakeholder engagement, Incite has a proven and defined process to support successful post-merger integration and long-term business growth.

Multi-industry knowledge and a deep network of relationships with strategic buyers, private equity firms, private owner-managed companies, and professional service firms across Western Canada allows Incite to add value through the transaction journey. Incite’s M&A services allow deal teams to establish a strategic approach to driving new business, navigating cultural integration, anticipating communications challenges, and better preparing for change.

“We have always been invested in helping leaders and successful organizations achieve growth,” said Ted Kouri, Founder and President of Incite. “With this expanded service offering, we have added another arena in which we can help. Our team has the expertise to drive new opportunities and help companies maximize value through mergers and acquisitions, and it is exciting to be serving business leaders in this growing space.”

Click here to read our full M&A brochure or download as a PDF.


Incite is a marketing and strategy consulting firm specializing in growth, brand, and communications. From market expansion and brand development, to supporting post-merger integration and building internal engagement, Incite’s strategic approach helps clients to better understand their market, clearly articulate value, align organizational resources, and connect with key stakeholders to achieve success.

For more information about these services, please call Ted Kouri at 780.423.5552 or email [email protected]


[1] Deals Report. “Creating value beyond the deal,” PWC, 2019.
[2] “Four Mistakes Companies Make in Mergers—and How to Avoid Them,” Wall Street Journal, February 2016.

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