Strategic Expertise at Every Phase of The Deal

Partnering with Incite means you will be working with a strategic advisor that is well-prepared to provide the perspective, insight, and experience to move through the deal life cycle with clarity and confidence.


Growth Strategy

Strategic Planning

Strategic plans are the foundation with which a growth strategy is built upon. At Incite, we help design strategic plans that provide clear direction, action, and execution. Our proven strategic planning process leverages input from decision makers within the organization as well as interviews and discussions with key stakeholders – critical to developing a plan that identifies risks, goals, objectives, and positions organizations for the future.

Market Strategy

The role and influence a market strategy has on a transaction is significant. By building a focused and forward-looking approach to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage, an organization can drive premium valuations and improve the overall growth of the company. Incite builds market strategies that helps to position organizations looking to expand into new markets or territories, gain further competitive edge, or acquire new technologies and skill sets.

Deal Readiness Assessment

Confidence is key when stepping into the M&A arena and Incite partners with organizations looking to ensure the time is right. Our deal readiness assessment process helps assess how ready the company is for the transaction journey. This formal assessment is conducted in advance of any deal to build internal capability and to uncover the process, workflow, and tools that need to be developed or enhanced to optimize the transaction. From training sessions and workshops to internal process and culture review, Incite partners with organizations looking to ensure teams are ready for the journey.

Stakeholder Communications and Engagement Planning

Effective communications can not be overstated during a transaction journey – communications can be thought as the glue that keeps all the parts of a deal together. From keeping your employees aware of the big picture to informing key proponents on the board, the multitude of stakeholders that have either a direct or indirect interest in the deal must be accounted for and managed appropriately. If done effectively, a company can augment the support of proponents while creating new allies that will help drive post-deal success.


This is where Incite enters the picture. Not all communications plans are the same, but each holds similar themes and objectives that ensure expectations are managed, stakeholders are prioritized, and phases are accounted for and resourced to keep your organization focused.

Brand Assessment and Enhancement

More than ever, M&A is a brand-driven choice an organization makes in order to continuously grow and develop. A strong brand means having the ability to maximize the customer experience and stand out from your competitors. Our experts will assess your brand and associated materials to ensure a strong, aligned, and unique position in the market.


Transaction Readiness & Due Diligence

Integration Planning

Incite helps bring focus and rigour so that you get the most out of integration efforts and ensure the value of the new organization remains intact.

Brand Perception Audit

Better understand your stakeholders (internal or external) by gathering feedback to identify gaps between current perceptions and how you want to be positioned post-deal. Incite will design, conduct, and analyze the results of your audit, providing a deeper understanding of needs, pains, and expectations to further strengthen relationships and create implementation plans for brand strength scenarios.

Stakeholder Communications

Most deals fail over the long run when compared to the objectives they were supposed to achieve with a significant reason being the lack of communication and alignment between key stakeholders. After the initial excitement that follows closing a deal, the strategy and rigour usually begins to slowly wear away. It could come in the form of your employees not being kept up to date about the success or the failures of this new venture, resulting in a lack of motivation to see its continued success.


Enter Incite. Our role is to ensure effective and consistent communications are planned and delivered for internal and external stakeholders critical to the success and valuation of the deal. Frequent and clear communication is critical to mitigating attrition and creating a foundation for long-term growth.

Marketing and Business Development Assessment

Ensure your organization’s marketing materials are aligned with your brand and story, by leveraging Incite’s expertise in communications, positioning, and branding to obtain recommendations on a project-by-project basis.

Once your materials are aligned, Incite can work with your team to uncover gaps and opportunities when it comes to sales and business development. Bring your sales staff and client-facing team together to build a consistent, relationship-focused experience that aligns with your positioning through customized business development training. Grow your team’s skillset and build alignment through ongoing training and development in areas of strategic relationship-building, including business development training and client experience.


Integration & Transformation

Marketing and Sales Execution

Delivering a consistent brand promise and experience across all customer touchpoints helps a company to gain more value from its customer relationships. An effective customer experience strategy can increase customer retention, spur higher and more frequent spend per customer, and lessen price sensitivity. Common wisdom holds that it is easier and less expensive to retain a customer than to acquire a new one and within the context of a merger, a breakdown in customer experience can amplify retention issues.


Incite works with organizations to create a roadmap of the way customers interact with a brand can illuminate any changes that may be necessary for a seamless customer journey.

Brand Strategy and Development

Branding is one of the first visible indicators of a combined company’s direction but despite its importance, brand decisions are often rushed or based on political and emotional factors. A poorly planned or executed rebranding campaign can result in a brand that dilutes the power of legacy brands and causes confusion in the marketplace. Meanwhile, an overly long branding process can result in missed sales and marketing opportunities.


Incite helps decision makers assess which brand is more valuable to employees, stakeholders, investors, and regulators and put a strategic plan into place. The power of market research is demonstrated to determine which brand resonates with a new market or product category and help organizations make the strategic decision to move forward. While sales and marketing officers can then put into action a long-term plan around how to best build the combined company’s brand.

Change Management

With a solid foundation for change built on a deliberate and disciplined plan, Incite works with teams to optimize the post-close phase of activities and initiatives. Focusing on four key areas of post-deal change management, Incite becomes a strategic partner for new leadership and a cornerstone of the integration team, helping to guide key decisions and integration activities.


Communication, training, and incentives are all key in helping to make acceptance and adoption more likely across newly formed teams. Incite delivers on comprehensive communication plans to ensure key messages are communicated at the right time to the right audience and by the right communicator and that stakeholders are given the opportunity to provide feedback. Don’t assume that employees will “figure it out.” Training is essential for employees with what may be an entirely new job. We work with internal teams to determine what training is needed, design a program that fits the culture of the newly formed organization, and track its progress to ensure its success.

Culture and Communications Advisory

Commitment to culture builds consistency and engagement within your organization and beyond. Incite works with organizations to develop communication best practices, maximizing teamwork and partnerships with all stakeholders.


Work with our team to ensure your stakeholders receive the information they need, through the right mediums, at the right time. Incite can create a customized internal or external communications plan to ensure consistent engagement with your organization throughout the transaction journey.

Incite was able to help us clarify how we wanted to position our property in the market and then build a brand strategy to reflect that. Given the significant investment we’ve made in Kananaskis, leveraging market research and a systematic approach provided added confidence that we would maxmize our return. Our partnership with Incite helped us to integrate the Pomeroy culture into Kananaskis under a new brand and successfully reintroduce the property to the market.

- Ryan Pomeroy, President, Pomeroy Lodging

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