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When COVID-19 first impacted business in the spring, we cautioned business leaders to prepare for a marathon and not a sprint. We have been pleased to see the resilience of our clients and the business community but are compelled to advise that more difficult days lie ahead. Winter is coming, both literally and figuratively.

The blizzard developing in front of business, particularly in Alberta, threatens to be severe. Depressed energy markets, an increasingly significant second wave of COVID-19, and declining government support for pandemic assistance programs will all create challenges for most companies as we head into 2021.

Understanding and accepting the coming storm will be important for businesses to first survive, and then thrive on the other side. How is your organization set up to navigate the icy journey and potentially whiteout conditions in this business environment? What are you doing now to identify pockets of growth? Do you have a clear plan to grab market share coming out of COVID?

Incite has written a longer form white paper on what to expect in the coming months and strategies to succeed despite the expected challenges.


Read full white paper.


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