Strategic Planning

Planning That Inspires Action

Strategic plans should motivate, engage, and inspire. At Incite, we look to help our clients craft strategic plans that provide clear direction, strategy, action and execution. While strategic plans should be ambitious, they also need to be realistic. This means making tough decisions about what objectives will be pursued and what will not.


Our proven strategic planning process leverages input from decision makers within the organization as well as interviews and discussions with key stakeholders. Grounding the strategic plan in research and engaging key stakeholders in the planning process is key to developing a strategic plan that pushes the envelope of what is achievable without becoming overwhelming.


At Incite, we support organizations by providing the right set of planning tools and best practice process to ensure boards, staff and stakeholders are authentically and meaningfully engaged, ensuring they buy in enthusiastically and help the strategies and plans succeed when it comes time for implementation.

Incite can partner with your organization on:

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is a critical part of an organization’s development; it supports in setting the strategic direction while creating engagement, understanding, and alignment with team members. Strategic planning informs decision making and drives clear and focused choices across team members through a shared understanding of organizational goals. The outcome is a tactical plan, complete with action items and measurable goals to support planning and track progress over a period of 3 to 5+ years.

Business Plan

Whether it is at the start of a business, in the pursuit of funding or managing the direct operations of an organization for the coming year, a business plan sets the course for your company. This plan will include your company’s organizational structure, SWOT analysis, marketing plan and financial projects with the purpose of defining where you want to take your business over the course of a year.

Planning Process

A Planning Process framework helps to set the overall direction for your organization, guiding its operation and bringing about a new level of accountability. A robust planning process ensures that the leadership for an organization understand the role that they and their departments play when developing a strategic plan and an annual business plan.

Why Incite?

We work with clients to create a custom strategic planning process.

Incite works with clients to craft and deliver a tailored planning process that helps to chart their course for the future. Incite provides a range of strategic planning services to our clients in all sectors including not-for-profit, pubic facing and private companies. We understand that the right mix of facilitation, preparation and collaboration are key to delivering a strategic plan that inspires action.


We are experts in facilitation.

Our team has a successful track record of working with organizations to facilitate successful meetings that deliver actionable outcomes. Whether it’s a board meeting, annual strategic planning session or a meeting aimed at tackling a tough question, challenge or opportunity, Incite works with our clients to plan, prep and deliver tailored meetings that will equip your organization with a clear roadmap to move the organization forward.



  • Facilitation services
  • Mission, vision and goals development
  • Environmental scanning tools
  • Scenario planning to assist with long range planning
  • Strategic issue identification and prioritization
  • Strategic plan development
  • Business plan development
  • Strategic planning process development


Execution Support

  • Ongoing monitoring, measurement, evaluation and adjustments of the strategic plan
  • Board and executive advisory support

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