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Members of the Incite team each took a moment to reflect and share key takeaways from 2023 as we look ahead to the new year. Like many other small businesses, 2023 brought both opportunities and challenges for Incite. The excitement for us lies in analyzing the situation and making the best decisions that propel ongoing personal and professional growth. Check out our key takeaways:


Ted: “The magic you are looking for is in the work you are avoiding.” – Dipen Parmar

Whether it be business strategy, marketing, relationships or fitness goals, we are all too often looking for a quick fix or shortcut to get us to where we want to go. Success mostly lies in making the time, finding the fun when it isn’t fun, and putting in the work to get to the magic!

Darren: Be there for people when they need it

Being there for friends and lending a hand when they need it is all about having each other’s backs. It’s about showing up, offering a helping hand, and being the kind of friend who’s there through the ups and downs. Having their back and being there for them means they will have your back and be there for you when you need it.

Dania: Build a dependable team

When the going gets tougher you can trust they’ll have your back and will work hard, together, to impact positive change and still deliver quality. And when the going is great, you’ll know it’s because you have a team that did those things when the going was hard.

Jesse: “Procrastination is the thief of time.” – Benjamin Franklin

Far too often we hear people defer good ideas, progress or change to tomorrow. Why? Why choose tomorrow when you could be good today? Don’t delay good intentions or good ideas. Choose today to make the change, to speak up, or to take even a small step.

Janet: Prioritization

The more I have on my plate, the ability to prioritize responsibilities is essential to getting things done. Slowing down during busy times and really focusing on the task at hand is a learned skill that I am still working on perfecting!

Steph: Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is crucial because it ensures we stay relevant and effective in an ever-changing business landscape, enabling personalized, flexible growth and innovative problem-solving. This year, as I moved into a Senior Associate position, learning new skills and staying relevant has been more important than ever!

Merissa: Work-life Balance

Reflecting on the year, a major lesson learned is the importance of balancing work and life. It goes beyond just personal time management; it’s also about the workplace environment. A great workplace understands that you have a life beyond your job, is comfortable with you having some flexibility, and promotes open communication. A team that fosters these values and is willing to support you when life inevitably happens is key. So, for a better work-life balance, it’s not only about what you do but also about where you work.

Jessica: Collaboration

As the newest member of Incite, this year has brought a lot of change in both my personal and professional life. A key takeaway from 2023 is that collaboration is the driving force behind success. I have learned that forming partnerships and fostering relationships unlocks my growth, facilitates knowledge sharing, and helps me to adapt.

Our team is grateful for the lessons learned, the challenges overcome, and the successes achieved. We are excited to carry these key takeaways into the next year, fueling our passion for helping businesses thrive in an ever-evolving world. Please join us on this journey of continuous learning and growth as we explore the possibilities that lie ahead in 2024.