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One month down and 11 to go! The Incite team is bursting with excitement about what lies ahead for 2024. In addition to celebrating our 25th anniversary, our focus remains steadfast on three key initiatives this year. Driven by strategy, we work with clients to define their long-term plans and position them for growth. We strive to walk the talk and make time to identify our own strategic priorities and annual roadmap to drive longevity and growth. Have there been ups and downs since we started in 1999? Sure, but 25 years in, it feels like it is working.

One of our fundamental beliefs is if you don’t first plan for and make room for your big rocks (i.e., strategic priorities), then they will never get done.  If you aren’t familiar with the metaphor, imagine a teacher at the front of the class with a large glass jar. The teacher inserts several large rocks until they are almost up to the rim and then asks their students if the jar is full. Those who answer might say, “yes?” The teacher then reaches into the desk, pulls out a handful of pebbles, and fits them in between the nooks and crannies of the big rocks. Asking if the jar is now full, the students catch on and shout, “No! You can add sand!” The teacher pours sand over the top of the rocks and pebbles. It sifts its way down to fill up all the empty space in the jar leaving it full. Moral of the story? If you don’t start with the big rocks, you’ll never have room for them in the jar.

In the spirit of transparency and accountability, here are Incite’s three big rocks for 2024:

  1. Strengthen our capacity to deliver exceptional client work AND dedicate more time to business development.

    Delivering exceptional client work or driving increased new business isn’t easy, but we are confident that if we focused on either objective, we could be successful. The challenge is in trying to do both simultaneously. Our goal for 2024 is to achieve a new level of growth without sacrificing work quality. To do that, we want to dedicate more time to our business development efforts and add the bench strength needed to consistently support a new level of revenue. Watch for exciting announcements in the coming month as we bring on additional team members!

  2. Leverage our 25th anniversary to celebrate our history and share key learnings with our network.

    25 years in business! Where does the time go? We have a list of fun memories and important lessons learned to share throughout 2024 and look forward to highlighting them on our website and social media. We also have plans to bring our Incite network together as we know great things happen when we connect with great people. Please follow along as we take a walk down memory lane and surface some of our biggest insights from the past 25 years. And don’t worry if you miss one, we will list them all on the website:

  3. Expand our M&A communication and integration service offering through focused marketing and thought leadership.

    Incite’s M&A communication and integration services help clients assess, communicate, align and grow their acquisitions. Strategic growth often drives the need for acquisitions, but ensuring those acquisitions deliver as planned requires experienced and knowledgeable guidance. We support clients in this area and intend to strengthen our capabilities and position ourselves as the market leader in this space for mid-sized transactions in Western Canada.

A new year is an opportunity to stretch for and proactively pursue new goals. Have you set your big rocks for 2024? If not, now is the time. Incite is excited to achieve big things this year and loves working with clients seeking to do the same.