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The Incite team got together to reflect and discuss some of our biggest takeaways from 2022. This past year was filled with immense growth, new challenges, and a lot of amazing opportunities for INCITE. Here are some of the takeaways from our team members:

Try new things (CK)

Trying new things can be challenging. You may not be good when you start, it can be uncomfortable, or you may even be concerned about how you will be perceived. CK recommends focusing on the task of being present while doing something new versus the “what ifs”. It can be tough but, the rewards are bountiful.

Surround yourself with people who want you to grow (Dania)

Sometimes those are individuals who help you see a new perspective or are willing to challenge your actions or way of thinking. Other times they are individuals who come alongside you to do the hard work. The key is that when the people you’re surrounded with are invested in your success they will act as a constructive sounding board to coach you in a loving way, ultimately helping you up your game and improve how you show up for other people on the day-to-day.

Practice gratitude (Janet)

The art of practicing gratitude takes time and dedication but the returns on this act can be incredibly beneficial to shifting your perspectives. Whether you are starting a new job or tackling a challenge, taking time to practice gratitude can renew your focus, improve your mental health, and help us relish experiences. And, it often has a positive ripple effect on others.

Live in the moment (Jesse)

Regardless of how much you have planned, whether six months out or five years ahead, it’s key to remember that life happens unexpectedly. Understanding your trajectory is important, as is being aware of risks and possibilities. However, always remember to live in the moment. There is always a way to adapt when things change, but there is never a way to relive yesterday.

Write down your thoughts and ideas (Jo)

Journalling can be a fantastic tool for growth, and the writing doesn’t need to be formal or long. Getting your pen to paper can support productive thinking as it creates an outlet for spiraling thoughts and serves as a reminder of your progress, whether personal or professional.  It can also improve your positivity as you reflect on goals achieved or ideas that you’ve brought to fruition while reinforcing perspectives or experiences you’d like to remember.

Dial in on only one or two improvement areas (Joel)

With a new year comes new ideas, goals, resolutions, and motivation. However, it can also be incredibly daunting if there are too many things you want to work on. Instead, identify a few key improvement areas for the coming year rather than taking on everything all at once. By doing so, you will feel more focused and will increase your likelihood of success.

Be authentic (Steph)

Authenticity is about staying true to yourself in what you do and who you serve in your professional and personal life. When you bring your authentic self to the work you are doing it’s easier to build rapport, build trust, and develop long-lasting and genuine relationships in your professional career. Although this may require vulnerability at times, it will bring you closer to the people you care about and ensure your team knows exactly what they can expect from you.

Hold space for a positive perspective (Ted)

Building resiliency is an excellent way to prepare for when life’s challenges hit. When hard moments arise, it’s easy to get discouraged, but it’s so important to stay positive. Choosing positivity, even when it seems impossible, will help you find opportunities in the struggle, reframe your experience, and manage your perspective.

Looking into 2023, how are you changing your perspectives, reflecting on yourself, and preparing for the new year?