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M&A Advisory Services

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Incite is Western Canada’s boutique mid-market M&A advisory firm specializing in market strategy, communications, culture and brand alignment, and stakeholder relations. We work with strategic buyers, private equity firms, family offices, and owner-managed companies to drive growth.


Buy-Side Advisory Services

We work with strategic buyers, private equity firms, and family offices to help them assess, communicate, align, and grow their acquisitions.

Deal Value

Sell-Side Advisory Services

We work with founders, management teams, and advisory boards to help them drive pre-exit growth and position their businesses to maximize deal value.

Market Strategy, Culture and Brand Alignment, and Communications are Critical for Success

Focusing on market strategy, communications, culture and brand alignment, and stakeholder relations can help companies get the most out of a transaction and ensure deal value does not erode.


of acquires said culture issues adversely affected value creation in deals (1)


of companies that involve the integration team early in the deal process are more likely to see favorable results and capture revenue synergies (2)


of employees acquired in a transaction will leave in the first year due a lack of communications and cultural integration with their new company (3)


of executives describe cultural fit as critical to the success of integration and a lack of cultural cohesion and alignment as the primary reason integration efforts fail (4)


of deals had marketing significantly involved pre-close despite the fact that the most successful integrations define the new value proposition before launching new branding (5)


of acquirers say value creation should have been a priority on day one (6)

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