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The days of simple stability and status quo are a thing of the past. As an organizational leader, you are already aware of that. Years ago, success of a business was determined by predictable earnings growth, easily achieved by small, modest adjustments to business practice, and a structured overall approach to product or service delivery. That is no longer the case.

Sophistication in our markets, access to information, and real-time, agile communication have all led business to an uncomfortable scenario: the constant need for growth. But what does that really mean? 

Growth means change. When implementing change, most organizations think almost exclusively of process development paired with deliberate project management. But, changing behaviour in an organization takes consideration of three things: project management around process, leadership engagement and support, and people  management around the change. Like three legs on a stool, if one is shorter than the others, things start to topple.

Let’s explore further…

1. Project Management 

Intuitively, organizations understand that project management needs to be effectively addressed to develop and implement new processes connected to a change. 

2. Leadership Engagement and Support

Leadership engagement is key to success on any change initiative but is often neglected – it is proven that the number one reason for failing to implement change is lack of executive support and active sponsorship of a project.

3. People Management

Change management, the application of a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change, is the third factor critical for success. Effective change management manages employee resistance to change, increases profitability of project success, captures people-dependent ROI, and builds change competency into your organization.

Implementing change will always create uncertainty and cause a dip in team productivity, but you can mitigate negative consequences by addressing these three factors.

When project management, leadership, and change management are all effectively addressed, projects around change meet their objectives, finish on time and on budget, and ROI is realized.

Is your organization positioned for growth? Are you looking for support to implement change? Let’s talk. At Incite, we help organizations make informed decisions, and we provide the strategic roadmap to move forward with clarity and confidence. Our clients partner with Incite to access our strategic expertise, business networks, and relationship-driven philosophy for growth. 

About The Author

Trish acts as Principal and Partner at Incite. With a proven track record of producing impactful projects that stand out, Trish always maintains a critical perspective. As Principal, she leads clients both internally and externally through to strategic solutions, using her expertise in culture and engagement to ensure the most valuable channels are being pursued. Her people-focused approach has propelled numerous clients to build meaningful, lasting relationships within the community and convert prospects into partners.

About Incite

Incite is a marketing and strategy consulting firm specializing in growth, brand, and communications. From market expansion and brand development, to supporting post-merger integration and building internal engagement, Incite’s strategic approach helps clients to better understand their market, clearly articulate value, align organizational resources, and connect with key stakeholders to achieve success.


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