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On your website, if you can switch a competitor’s logo for your own organization’s logo and the content still makes sense, there’s a problem.

The phrases “dime a dozen” and “vanilla” come to mind when values, clientele, services, and staff expertise are interchangeable between your organization and another’s.

Differentiation is one of the most challenging parts of business. Start by considering the following questions:

  • What are your organization’s strengths?
  • Who else does what you do? What do they do really well?
  • Is there a gap in the industry that you could fill (that you aren’t already filling)?
  • What are your customers looking for that they aren’t getting right now?
  • What makes your organization stand out from the competition?

The goal is to successfully answer the following: What is my organization really good at that the market needs right now, and that few others are doing? That’s the sweet spot, the centre of your Venn diagram where strengths, market needs, and uniqueness coincide.

That sweet spot is your organization’s unique ability. That’s what makes you different. That’s what helps your organization stand out and succeed. To find it, it means narrowing your focus rather than the knee-jerk reaction of trying to please everyone with every service possible, when business is slow.

The more you focus, the more you create opportunities to differentiate. Differentiation allows you to add value and establish a premium position in the market. Focused organizations grow faster and command more brand loyalty.

Take the time to find your differentiated value, focus on it, and stand out. Less, really is more.


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