Buy-Side: Pre-Deal
Market Intelligence & Support

Incite works with buyers early in the process to help them assess potential acquisitions to ensure they are well aligned with their strategic objectives and that the value of goodwill and market potential are appropriately accounted for in the proposed purchase price.

Market & Internal Research

  • Convene stakeholder interviews and round tables with representative customers, partners, and market influencers to better understand market positioning
  • Review of existing market studies and competitor sales and marketing to understand competitive landscape
  • Interviews with staff to understand internal team dynamics, culture, internal strengths, potential risks, and level of reliance on management or leadership

Customer Loyalty & Brand Assessment

  • Design and administer Net Promoter Score surveys to assess customer satisfaction, referability, and stickiness
  • Conduct independent brand review to assess goodwill, brand equity, and market fit
  • Vet customer earnings reports and CIM packages to provide insight beyond historical financial reporting (i.e., value proposition, company positioning, brand assessment)

Network & Centre of Influence Mapping

  • Develop ideal client profile and map key opportunities by market segment
  • Identify strategic centres of influence, including relevant partners, events, associations, and industry groups
  • Assess market fit with buyer’s existing sales and marketing approach