Buy-Side: Deal
Communications & Integration Planning

Incite works with buyers during the transaction to communicate the deal to all internal and external stakeholders and map out a post-merger integration plan for all communications, brand, culture, and change management needs. You only have one opportunity to announce your acquisition and Incite ensures that your deal narrative is defined and shared across all relevant audiences and that integration is not restricted to processes and technology.

Deal Positioning & Key Messaging

  • Define the deal narrative, including geographic nuances, and proactively determine how to share the story in market
  • Articulate key messages and align these throughout the organization

Internal & External Stakeholder Communications

  • Build the communications plan, including all relevant channels and tools
  • Identify FAQs and appropriate responses
  • Train key managers to effectively communicate about the deal

Brand & Cultural Integration Plan

  • Determine how to merge the brands, including brand guidelines and rollout plan
  • Define the desired culture post-merger and build a plan to manage the integration process