Buy-Side: Post-Deal
EBITDA Growth & Market Expansion

Incite works with management teams to increase EBITDA post deal by developing growth strategies that include product/service expansion, cross-selling services into new geographic markets, brand building, and add-on acquisitions.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

  • Build a robust go-to-market plan supported by a differentiated market position
  • Align all sales and marketing efforts with those of the newly acquired business
  • Develop a customer experience strategy that can increase customer retention, spur higher and more frequent spend per customer, and lessen price sensitivity

New Product/Service Growth & Geographic Expansion

  • Define a clear strategy to cross-sell products/services between companies
  • Build targeted growth plans for relevant market segments within the acquired business
  • Explore add-on opportunities across additional geographic markets

Cultural & Change Management

  • Build a 2-year post-merger cultural integration plan to align cultures and mitigate turnover
  • Facilitate a proactive change management process to anticipate and address challenges, while also building a resilient organization capable of adapting to changing market conditions