Sell-Side: Post-Deal
Integration & Earnout Maximization

Once the transaction has closed, some of the most important work begins. Incite works with new management teams to help existing owners achieve full value on any earnout conditions by focusing on the successful integration of brands, marketing and sales strategies, and teams and their people.

Brand Integration

  • Determine how to merge the brands or develop a new visual identity, including brand guidelines and rollout plan
  • Build a strong brand to capture brand equity and position the business beyond founder or existing ownership

Marketing & Sales Integration

  • Build a robust go-to-market plan supported by a differentiated market position
  • Align all sales and marketing efforts with those of the newly acquired business
  • Develop a customer experience strategy that can increase customer retention, spur higher and more frequent spend per customer, and lessen price sensitivity

Culture & Change Management

  • Build a 2-year post-merger cultural integration plan to align cultures and mitigate turnover
  • Facilitate a proactive change management process to anticipate and address challenges, while also building a resilient organization capable of adapting to changing market conditions
  • Design a program that fits the culture of the newly formed organization, and track its progress to ensure its success

Strategic Communications

  • Develop communication best practices, maximizing teamwork and partnerships with all stakeholders
  • Create a customized internal or external communications plan to ensure consistent engagement with your organization well beyond the close of the deal