Sell-Side: Pre-Deal
EBITDA Growth & Position For Sale

Confidence is key when stepping into the M&A arena and Incite partners with organizations looking to ensure the time is right. We work closely with founders, owner managed companies, and management teams to drive pre-exit growth and value creation.

Strategic Planning

  • Develop strategic plans to assist ownership in defining goals and exit objectives while positioning for the future
  • Leverage input from decision makers within the organization as well with key stakeholders to identifying risks, goals, and objectives

Market & Business Development Strategy

  • Define market strategy to drive revenue and EBITDA growth to achieve desired future valuation
  • Build a focused and forward-looking approach to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage while driving premium valuations and improving the overall growth of the company
  • Position organizations to expand into new markets to gain further competitive edge or acquire new technologies and skill sets

Deal Readiness & Assessment

  • Assess how ready the company is for the transaction journey and identify if internal capabilities around marketing, communication, branding, culture, and business development need to be enhanced to optimize the transaction
  • Ensure the business is positioned beyond founder or existing ownership to increase company valuation and ability to weather change
  • Conduct training sessions, workshops, and internal process and culture reviews to ensure teams are ready

Brand Assessment & Enhancement

  • Build a strong brand that aligns with company culture, values, and its differentiation to capture brand equity and increase future valuation
  • Design and administer Net Promoter Score surveys to assess customer satisfaction, referability, and stickiness
  • Conduct independent reviews to assess your brand and associated materials to ensure a strong, aligned, and unique position in the market