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BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions (BGE)

BGE before Incite

BGE, originally The Filter Shop, came to Incite in the winter of 2018. With a change in leadership, The Filter Shop was looking to better understand the needs of their customers, industry stakeholders, and their internal team in order to develop an effective marketing and sales strategy moving forward.

BGE with Incite

Through our work with BGE, Incite:

  • Leveraged internal and external stakeholder research to help drive the strategic planning process and provide a clear understanding of stakeholder perceptions and needs for BGE.
  • Led positioning and messaging evaluation and recommendations, including renaming and the strategic direction for new branding.
  • Created a visual identity, tagline and product architecture portraying the research-supported value proposition, positioning BGE to effectively target their defined ideal customer.
  • Provided oversight, planning and strategic advisory as The Filter Shop prepared to launch as BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions to the market in summer 2019. This included the development of communication tools, along with recommended timelines, and suggested staff and customer touch points for an effective rollout.

Through our research we gained a deeper understanding of BGE’s strengths as a company, gaps in marketing and sales efforts, and the needs of their ideal customer segments. We responded accordingly by crafting a strategy that repositioned BGE to clearly communicate its value, aligning strong and compelling messaging with an identity that both internal and external stakeholders could connect with naturally.

Dania SpillettPartner, Incite


Incite’s work helped BGE to:

  • Create a marketing strategy and plan to reposition their organization.
  • Rename The Filter Shop to BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions and develop a new visual identity, tagline and product naming architecture.
  • Implement their new brand and messaging both internally and externally creating brand ambassadors in the team.
  • Transition the company and sales team from being product-focused to solutions-focused, positioning themselves as clean air advisors for customers.
  • Increase referrals from influencers and shift the onsite experiences to better reflect the brand through refined materials and enhanced relationship-focused training.
  • Prepare and execute an external launch of BGE’s new brand and positioning as clean air advisors.
  • Develop a network of internal ambassadors of the brand through internal rollout and engagement across six locations in Western Canada.

Incite created a powerful identity for us. We’ve always been about providing great indoor air quality to our customers, but our name and look positioned us as simply a place to buy filters. Instead of The Filter Shop, BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions has allowed us to expand what we do for customers. It’s been a clear brand pivot, giving our team the confidence and ability to go to market as a clean air company and properly communicate the full scope of what we can do for our customers. The new positioning has resonated well in the market, especially through COVID-19, and has provided us great opportunities to pursue.

Ian MacGillivrayOwner & SVP Corporate Development, BGE