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AltaML before Incite

AltaML is one of Alberta’s fastest growing AI companies, helping to drive the province’s burgeoning tech sector.  AltaML partners with progressive businesses across North America that have an appetite to solve unique business problems using game-changing technology. Leveraging data through machine learning, AltaML works together with clients to develop powerful, purposeful software applications that redefine their competitive advantage. AltaML has successfully deployed AI solutions across many industries including healthcare, energy, utilities, construction, agriculture, financial services, and more.

AltaML with Incite

In the spring of 2020, AltaML engaged Incite as it sought support to clarify its brand and messaging, create an overall marketing and communications strategy for both internal and external stakeholders, and identify opportunities for partnership and targeted influencer outreach to enable swift growth. In working alongside Incite, AltaML was equipped with the strategies, positioning, and tactical plan needed to launch a new brand and to ensure the organization’s market position and messaging were well-developed for clear articulation to ideal clients outside of the Alberta market.

The project leveraged a thorough planning process to assess AltaML’s current efforts, engage relevant stakeholders to inform the process, formulate a clear brand and marketing strategy, and create an execution roadmap to support ongoing marketing, communications, business development, and recruitment efforts.

With a comprehensive understanding of both AI and its application across sectors, Incite connected with industry stakeholders to inform the development and execution of a strategy that will support in repositioning AltaML for future growth and enabling a stronger connection to ideal clients across the globe.

Dania SpillettPartner, Incite


Through our work with AltaML, Incite:

  • Leveraged research and stakeholder consultations to help drive plans for strategic growth
  • Built a strong strategic foundation that sets a well-defined direction for brand, messaging, and brand architecture
  • Established a marketing strategy and set of tactics that allow AltaML to scale quickly while communicating effectively
  • Determined the most valuable way to position AltaML that resonates with clients beyond the Alberta market
  • Developed a clear approach to internal communication and engagement, enabling strong culture through ongoing expansion
  • Created foundational marketing and communications tools to serve as templates for the development of more proactive, strategic, and consistent pieces moving forward
  • Provided strategic insight and direction regarding AltaML’s branding efforts to reach new ideal clients
  • Created a visual identity that aligns with the positioning and messaging and ensures consistency in brand experience

In its early years AltaML grew rapidly but we recognized that a marketing strategy was needed to realize our vision. We turned to Incite, knowing that they have expertise and experience that we lack, and have been extremely pleased with the process and the outcomes. We now have a coherent brand identity, essential to AltaML’s continued progress as a scaleup.

Nicole JanssenCo-Founder, AltaML