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Urbis Infill Homes

Urbis Infill Homes before Incite

Urbis Infill Homes (Urbis), is committed to designing and building contemporary infill homes for homebuyers seeking a streamlined, supportive experience in mature Edmonton neighbourhoods. Its focus on customized residential design, a streamlined infill process, and deliberate neighbourhood integration has set the company up for long-term success in the Edmonton infill market.

Urbis with Incite

Market Positioning and Brand Strategy
In the winter of 2018, Urbis engaged Incite as it sought to develop a strengthened market position and brand strategy, including a growth plan for the business moving forward. Urbis was seeking a strategic partner to support its future objectives, build alignment across stakeholders, and craft a story that would resonate in the infill market.

Incite worked with the Urbis team to build a strategy based on stakeholder discussions that identified needs and pains, brand perception, marketing and communication opportunities, centres of influence and how to actively engage with them, and the competitive landscape. From these research findings, Incite then developed a new marketing and branding strategy, with specific activities and initiatives to guide Urbis through building a reputation as the leading infill home developer in Edmonton.

Visual Brand Development
Following the strategy engagement, Urbis worked with Incite to update its visual identity to reflect the newly defined differentiated value. The new identity increased Urbis’ profile and reputation as the leader in infill in Edmonton, clearly connecting the visual identity to the established position. The new branding supports Urbis clients, partners, staff, and community members in the guarantee that Urbis stands behind its brand promise.

On the heels of the successful Urbis project, The Estates at Waters Edge, a company under the DevGroup umbrella, also engaged Incite in spring 2020 to develop a marketing plan that included key messages and tactics to achieve their growth goals.

Incite recognized that building a unique position in the growing infill market in Edmonton was a major opportunity for Urbis to build its brand through elevated understanding and buy-in from community stakeholders. Digging into the competitive landscape enabled us to find a niche to build Urbis’ brand and position around, creating the visibility and differentiation to serve as a platform for ongoing growth.

Darren TonnPartner & Creative Director, Incite


Through our work with Urbis, Incite:

  • Developed a stronger understanding of the market and competitive landscape
  • Determined Urbis’ competitive advantage and developed a compelling value proposition
  • Identified Urbis’ ideal client segments and profile(s)
  • Articulated Urbis’ key messaging
  • Developed a critical set of priorities and tactics to support growth
  • Articulated the brand architecture for DevGroup and its family of brands
  • Developed a new visual identity and tagline
  • Created brand experience guidelines including positioning, messaging, style and tone, logo assets and in-use examples

Collaborating with Incite helped our team to better understand our value within the residential infill space. The ability to work through the strategy with Incite’s team provided market feedback, a sounding board, and deeper discussion, ultimately supporting Urbis to own our position in the market. We now have a strong brand and marketing roadmap that acts as a compass, keeping us on a focused path as we move forward.

Mike ArndtPresident, Urbis Infill Homes