University Hospital Foundation

UHF before Incite

University Hospital Foundation (UHF) is one of the most successful hospital fundraising organizations in Canada, raising support for the University of Alberta Hospital, the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute, and the Kaye Edmonton Clinic. Over the past 10 years, the Foundation has raised over $187 million to support emerging ideas and technologies that advance excellence in patient care, education, and research daily.

UHF with Incite

In summer 2019, the UHF engaged Incite as it sought support to assess, clarify, and align its fund development efforts to connect with corporate stakeholders. In working alongside Incite, the UHF was equipped with the strategies, messaging, and relationship-building activities needed to ensure its market position and messaging is clear and well-developed. In addition, the UHF received market feedback and recommendations on how best to deepen/augment relationships with potential/current corporate donors in a meaningful way that provides return for both parties.


Incite worked with the UHF team and its stakeholders, conducting research to inform the strategy. By leveraging input from donors, invested community members, and business leaders, the challenges, and opportunities facing UHF and its fund development efforts surfaced, allowing Incite to develop relevant activities and initiatives in the resulting fund development strategy and execution plan.

With an already strong and established reputation in the community, the University Hospital Foundation sought specialized assistance in enhancing their corporate fund development efforts. Incite’s deep history of working both with businesses looking to launch community investment programs and non-profits looking to develop effective fund development strategies made for a strong fit. The resulting corporate fund development strategy is a testament to an excellent partnership that will help the Foundation deliver results.

- Jesse Meyer, Principal, Incite


Through our work with UHF, Incite:

  • Leveraged research and stakeholder consultations to help drive strategic fund development
  • Provided strategic insight and direction regarding UHF’s brand surrounding corporate donations
  • Improved UHF’s ability to increase annual revenues through corporation donations
  • Strengthened UHF’s annual and major giving programs, with emphasis on expanding support from corporate donors
  • Enabled UHF to better position itself by understanding and meeting corporate donor needs in new ways
  • Established cohesive messaging and strategies to guide consistent corporate fund development efforts

We worked with Incite to better understand the needs of the corporate community when it comes to fund development. They provided great insights and recommendations, supporting us in the development of a corporate partnership program that will deliver more impactful results for our partners going forward.

- Jamie Bliss, Vice President Marketing & Communications, UHF

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