Economic Development
& Tourism

Incite is a marketing and strategy consulting firm specializing in building growth, brand, and communications strategies for municipalities and their economic development and tourism teams.

Incite helps regions drive community and business growth while generating positive social and economic impact.

Depending on the needs of your team, Incite will leverage any number of our services, including Brand Strategy, Economic Development Strategy, Marketing & Business Development, Action Planning, Strategic Advisory, Community Engagement, Market Research and Organizational Support & Culture.

Incite’s team of strategists bring expertise in research, brand, place branding, strategic planning, market planning, stakeholder engagement, economic development strategy, change and culture management, campaign development, and communications. These professionals collaborate to guide and empower municipalities through the thinking, decision-making and execution required to drive growth, position communities, align initiatives, and connect with key stakeholders.

What We Do

From business attraction and tourism to place branding and stakeholder consultation, Incite’s strategic approach helps clients engage the necessary parties to increase buy-in (political, corporate, resident), prioritize economic development efforts, and market their community in a compelling way.

Organizational Support & Culture

We align organizational resources in a way that fosters strong internal culture to enhance the customer experience, facilitate change, and build consistency, and empower impactful community ambassadors

  • Employee Engagement
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Recruitment

Market Research

We delve into our client’s markets to validate assumptions, identify areas for improvement, and uncover key observations to support decision making.

  • Community Feedback
  • Employee Feedback
  • Market Analysis

Community Engagement

We work with municipalities to rethink their community engagement approach in a way that maximizes input and return on investment

  • Public Engagement and Stakeholder Consultation
  • Municipal Sponsorship Planning

Tourism & Economic Development

We design marketing strategies that support municipal and regional objectives, including the creation of a clear economic development and tourism plans that allow our clients to move forward with confidence

  • Marketing Strategy and Execution Plan
  • Economic Development Strategy
  • Tourism Strategy and Execution Plan
  • Place Branding
  • Business Development Training

Strategic Planning & Advisory

We facilitate decision-making and help municipalities build team and community alignment in areas of strategic importance

  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership and Council Planning Retreats

We also deliver M&A services that make sense for municipalities who are either absorbing or are going through a dissolution including

  • Culture Integration
  • Stakeholder Communications

Municipal Amalgamation Experience

Incite’s expertise successfully integrating brands as part of our experience working with mergers and acquisitions directly lends itself to the amalgamation process. Municipal amalgamations provide a unique opportunity to leverage our process and expertise in a way that maximizes long-term results for communities in the areas of investment, visitor attraction, and resident attraction.

Incite has built our philosophy of integrating robust and transparent community engagement and feedback in building brands over 23 years in operation. Combined, we provide critical context for the amalgamation between communities and take into account the perspective and impacts amongst multiple stakeholders. We understand that a strategic brand presence, both physically and virtually, will reflect the shared vision for the community, as well as bolster a sense of pride among residents that highlights why the community is a great place to invest in, visit or call home. 

Incite played a significant role in the inception of Edmonton Global. From stakeholder engagement and market research, to supporting our full brand development, Incite was able to help us navigate this multi-phase project into a well-positioned brand.

Malcolm BruceCEO, Edmonton Global