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Nurturing Long-Term Success with Ongoing Quarterly Advisory Sessions

The partnership between Incite and Argus, supported through annual strategic planning sessions and quarterly advisory sessions, was initiated in 2021. The study showcases how this ongoing collaboration nurtures Argus’s long-term success by summarizing past quarters, discussing significant business updates, evaluating actions taken on priorities, formalizing next steps and reinforcing mutual accountability.


Since 2021, Incite and Argus have forged a strong partnership through regular strategic planning retreats and quarterly advisory sessions. Argus, a leading manufacturing company with a wealth of experience, recognized the value of an external advisor to guide their corporate planning process and sought the expertise of Incite to guide their path to continued growth and excellence. Their annual two-day strategic planning session plays a pivotal role in the overall planning process, providing a dedicated forum for in-depth discussions, comprehensive analysis, and collaborative decision-making.

The quarterly advisory sessions ensure accountability and action. Incite follows a comprehensive approach to facilitate the strategic planning quarterly sessions with Argus.

Quarterly Advisory Sessions

Incite approaches each quarterly session by revisiting activities and progress made in previous quarters. This summary includes a comprehensive analysis of key achievements, challenges and outcomes from the prioritized strategic initiatives. By building on this historical context, both parties gain valuable insights on progress to date, previous actions, areas of success and opportunities for improvement and ways to guide future strategies that optimize resources.

During the sessions, Argus shares updates on significant developments within the organization. These updates cover areas such as market expansions, advancements in technology and innovation, and other notable milestones. This open exchange of information allows Incite to tailor advice, guidance and support to Argus’s specific needs.

An essential component of the ongoing strategic planning process is formalizing next steps. Incite collaborates with Argus to design a detailed plan for the forthcoming quarter. This plan outlines specific objectives, timelines, milestones and responsible team members. By formalizing these next steps, Argus ensures a focused and coordinated effort to achieve their strategic goals. This ensures accountability in the process and yields measurable results for the next quarterly planning session.

The ultimate benefit of our partnership with Incite over the years is their role as a trusted advisor. Not only do they challenge us during annual strategic planning sessions, but our quarterly accountability meetings do just that: they hold us responsible for our actions. With their help, we make the hard decisions about our strategic priorities and their collaboration helps us make good on our objectives through the year.

Dwayne SamplePresident and CEO, Argus

Outcomes and Benefits

Incite and Argus’s ongoing strategic planning retreats and quarterly advisory sessions yielded numerous tangible outcomes and benefits:

  1. Sustainable growth: The long-term collaboration and data-driven approach supports Argus’s sustainable growth in an evolving market.
  2. Agility and adaptability: Regular sessions enables Argus to adapt swiftly to market shifts and changing customer needs, positioning them as an agile industry leader.
  3. Informed decision-making: Incite’s expertise and comprehensive analyses empowers Argus to make informed decisions with confidence. With Incite acting as a third-party facilitator, the sessions provide an impartial perspective, ensuring a balanced evaluation of potential options.
  4. Accountability: The continued partnership between Incite and Argus fosters accountability. By holding regular sessions and revisiting progress, both parties remain committed to driving the company’s success. Argus’s employees take ownership of their roles, while Incite consistently provides support and guidance to overcome challenges.

Incite’s ongoing strategic planning quarterly sessions with Argus have proven to be a catalyst for continuous growth and success since 2021. By summarizing past quarters, discussing significant updates, evaluating actions taken, formalizing next steps and reinforcing mutual accountability, this enduring partnership nurtures Argus’s ongoing journey of excellence and innovation in the manufacturing industry.

Partnering on their annual strategic planning process has been impactful and rewarding for both the Argus and Incite teams. By immersing ourselves in the business and leading their strategic planning retreat as well as quarterly sessions, we have built a strong relationship that is helping the team work more 'on the business' rather than just 'in the business'. Our ability to collaborate and work together through tough strategic decisions with confidence has helped the team and organization overall chart a course that will help grow their business today while position it for tomorrow.

Jesse MeyerPartner, Incite