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Advisor to Black Diamond and Turner Valley in their amalgamation to the Town of Diamond Valley


Municipal amalgamation refers to the consolidation of two or more communities into a single entity. The possibility of merging the Towns of Black Diamond and Turner Valley was considered as early as 1988 and finally approved in 2022.

In September 2022, Black Diamond and Turner Valley engaged Incite to guide the Branding Initiative leading up to the official amalgamation on January 1, 2023, that formed the Town of Diamond Valley. The project brought the two communities together into one, unified brand that reflects the current and future aspirations of the newly formed community.

The project included robust community engagement, the development of a new municipal brand and brand story, and the creation of an implementation plan for launching the new brand that creates ambassadors to help champion Diamond Valley as it moves forward.

Diamond Valley, From the Community’s Perspective

Incite needed to fully understand the history, external perceptions, and story of both towns to bring the essence of both, Black Diamond and Turner Valley, into one brand. By engaging with more than 500 residents, business owners, town administration, and elected officials, Incite gained a fulsome view of the community and various ideas on how to best develop Diamond Valley’s brand.  

Key questions posed in public engagement included: 

  • What are the most compelling reasons for prospective residents to move into the community?
  • What are the most compelling reasons for prospective investors to consider the community? 
  • What are your favourite places to visit in the community? What makes them your favourite? 
  • If you were to tell the story of Diamond Valley in 1-2 sentences, what would you say? 
  • What do you believe makes the community unique? What stands out as being different compared to other communities nearby? 

Public engagement informed the foundation and inspiration Incite needed to create a new brand that reflects the shared vision for the community and bolsters a sense of pride among residents that highlights why Diamond Valley is a great place to visit or call home. 

Moving forward together as Diamond Valley, we knew the importance of a strong brand and brand story for our community. Incite helped us establish a distinct identity for our community and a strong brand that will help to enhance the economic, social, and cultural well-being of Diamond Valley.

Mayor CraneTown of Diamond Valley


Creating a strong municipal brand for the Town of Diamond Valley was important for several reasons. First, an impactful municipal brand can help to attract investment, tourism, and new residents to the area by communicating the unique characteristics and benefits of the community. Second, a clear and consistent municipal brand can help to foster a sense of pride and belonging among residents, who can feel a greater connection to their community and its values. Third, a well-defined municipal brand can help to establish a clear vision and direction for the community, guiding decision-making, and promoting a sense of unity among stakeholders. 


Incite formalized a brand strategy and visual identity to tell the story of the community’s history, people and vision that resonates with a diverse set of stakeholders. While the brand speaks to those that call Diamond Valley home, it also takes prospective investors and visitors into account, as business investment and tourism play a significant role in the long-term future of the community.  

Incite identified creating ambassadors for the new brand as a priority at the outset. Equipping the internal administration team, council and key community influencers with training on the new brand and how to champion the brand as ambassadors in their networks was the critical first step to its successful implementation. The training sessions focused on addressing the following questions: 

  • What information acted as inspiration for the new brand? 
  • What does the new brand mean? 
  • What role do administration and community stakeholders play in the rollout of the new brand? 
  • What role do I play as a brand ambassador? 

The training sessions ensured staff and stakeholders felt confident in their roles as Diamond Valley brand ambassadors and champions for change through the launch of the new brand. 

Working with both the Town of Diamond Valley and its stakeholders meant we could define and build a brand that captures the essence of this exciting new community. Equipped with both a well-positioned brand and a captivating visual identity, Diamond Valley is poised to support current residents as well as attract investors and visitors.

Jesse MeyerPartner, Incite