Virtual Facilitation

Achieve the Results You Need

Questions to Consider


  • Does your team understand how virtual sessions should be run differently than face-to-face sessions to ensure success?
  • Are your leaders having issues managing session goals and technical moderation during meetings?
  • Are participants struggling to properly leverage Zoom or Skype or Microsoft Teams for effective collaboration?
  • Do you have disengaged or dysfunctional participants?
  • Do you have difficulty reading the room to identify issues or opportunities?

Enhanced Virtual Collaboration


Having the ability to effectively collaborate in a virtual environment has now become essential for organizations in Alberta, and globally. But the reality is that not everyone has the skills to facilitate an effective virtual session. Leadership discussions, board meetings, and strategic planning sessions remain essential for decision-making and to keep organizations working proactively through recovery.


Incite will partner with you to help transition from face-to-face meetings to virtual boardrooms and designs online and blended solutions so your organization can meet the needs of working remotely. We are leaders in conducting virtual planning sessions that:


  • Allow you to focus on the outcome of your meeting or session, instead of worrying about how its conducted
  • Ensure your team can discuss, debate, and connect during these important meetings


We use a focused process, accompanied by proven engagement strategies, to optimize group dynamics and help you maximize your results. We have the expertise to


  • Facilitate leadership, board, or staff meetings
  • Lead strategic planning sessions
  • Facilitate brainstorming discussions
  • Resolve issues or bring a group to a consensus
  • Facilitate team building activities
  • Conduct virtual town hall meetings



Platforms & Tools


Incite utilizes the tools and features available on platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Hangouts to facilitate breakout discussions, generate discussion, and drive outcomes needed. Platform tools may be used during sessions to facilitate breakout rooms, whiteboarding, and more. We will also equip your team with a how-to guide, including tips and tricks, for the platforms relevant for your business.



Preparation & Facilitation


We will work with your organization to prepare for and facilitate your session by:


  • Hosting a pre-planning meeting to understand goals and expectations
  • Crafting a draft agenda for review
  • Creating a prep/reading package to circulate to session attendees
    • Agenda (Incite)
    • Questions and key issues for consideration (Incite)
    • Required reading (organization)
  • Facilitating a 2-hour, half-day or full-day session
  • Preparing a summary report documenting discussion and decisions, and next steps



Accountability Sessions


Incite is available to meet to monitor progress and create accountability on initiatives.

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