Strategy & Advisory

Incite facilitates decision-making and helps organizations build team alignment in areas of strategic importance. Our clients can leverage a tailored planning framework and Incite’s facilitation expertise to set the overall direction for their organization, guiding operation and bringing about a new level of accountability to chart a course for the future.

Strategic Planning

Strategic plans should motivate, engage, and inspire. At Incite, we help our clients craft strategic plans that provide a clear direction, strategy, actionable priorities, and execution initiatives. While strategic plans should be ambitious, they also need to be realistic. This means making tough decisions about what objectives will be pursued and what will not.


Our proven strategic planning process leverages input from decision makers within the organization as well as interviews and discussions with key stakeholders. Grounding the strategic plan in research and engaging key stakeholders in the planning process is critical to developing a strategic plan that pushes the envelope of what is reasonably achievable for our clients.


Team Retreats

Our team has a successful track record of working with organizations to facilitate meetings and discussions that deliver actionable outcomes. Whether it is a board meeting, a team-building event, or an annual strategic planning retreat, Incite works with our clients to plan, prepare, and deliver tailored sessions that equip organizations with a clear path forward.

Mission, Vision, and Values Development

Developing and articulating a clear mission, vision, and core values is a critical exercise that impacts the strategic foundation of an organization, ensuring clarity when making critical business decisions. Working with Incite provides our clients with a facilitator that will engage their leadership team and work through exercises and discussions focused on creating impactful statements that resonate with both the team and other key stakeholders.


Board Services

Incite works with organizations by leading them through effective decision-making processes, ultimately strengthening team alignment in areas of strategic importance. From facilitating leadership and team retreats, to crafting discussions around challenging topics, we help boards find clarity, identify solutions, and build confidence to make challenging but clear decisions.


Strategic Issues Management

Working with Incite can augment the ability of an organization’s leadership to tackle tough questions, challenges, and opportunities. Our clients take advantage of our expertise in facilitation and advisory through tailored sessions that support critical thinking on fundamental issues or opportunities.

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