Research Driven Outcomes

Research strengthens decision making by providing a thorough understanding of your market, clients and stakeholders. Incite understands that effective market research is essential to making strategic, data-driven decisions about your organization. That’s why we work closely with you to customize our proven process to meet your company’s unique needs.


With several research methods available for use, we delve into your market to validate assumptions, identify areas for improvement, and uncover key observations to support organizational decision making. The result is a tailored research plan that addresses your specific challenges and opportunities by combining both qualitative and quantitative research elements – helping to make your organization more confident today and smarter tomorrow.

Research Process


By engaging with key project team members during the ‘Discovery’ phase, Incite works to establish an accurate picture of your organization’s vision, business objectives, organizational expectations, and overall needs from market research.



Incite will leverage a consultative research approach to accomplish two things: understand external perceptions and engage key stakeholders in the process. Gathering market insight allows us to identify the gaps between where your organization is and where you want it to be, and provides a better understanding of your stakeholders’ needs, pains, and expectations.


We will gather market intelligence by engaging with key stakeholders in order to:

  • Confirm your brand position and differentiated value
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses from the market’s perspective
  • Measure customer and prospect satisfaction, and validate/confirm their needs and pains
  • Understand your competition, and how you compare to them
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in the customer experience to better develop relationships
  • Identify centres of influence for your ideal customer
  • Quantify your performance through a Net Promoter Score (NPS) analysis


Research Tool Kit

Incite’s research toolkit includes a wide range of methodologies, including:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Surveys
  • Roundtables
  • Focus groups
  • Open space formats


Internal Stakeholder Audit

With those organizations looking to explore staff engagement, attraction and retention, and culture, Incite is well versed in conducting internal reviews. These reviews involve interviewing employees across your organization to assess gaps and opportunities. Incite’s internal stakeholder research toolkit includes a wide range of methodologies, including:

  • Focus groups
  • Staff interviews
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Internal Net Promoter Score survey

Why Incite?

We bring a proven track record at leading stakeholder consultation processes.

Incite conducts dozens of consultative research engagements each year, and we have the know-how to design and deliver a process that both informs the strategic decision-making process and builds buy-in among the organizations and individuals who participate in the process. This is critical to ensure stakeholder engagement and create alignment to drive future branding and marketing initiatives, as without authentic and consistent support from all partners, achieving one voice in the market is impossible.


We have a strong research focus and long-standing track record.

Incite’s dedication to working with clients in many sectors means we have market intelligence and proven knowledge of how to leverage research to help your organization accomplish its goals. Our ability to leverage research into action-oriented recommendations has helped many clients improve their businesses.


We provide a strategic approach to research.

Rather than simply gathering data, Incite’s mix of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and our proven expertise at building customer service and marketing plans, will ensure that your organization benefits from strategic recommendations to improve its business.


Our qualitative research model can get deep quickly to provide relevant insight.

Our qualitative research model allows us to understand a market quickly and provides objective feedback into how best to engage with specific customer groups.



  • Market data analysis & key global demographic trends
  • Consumer trends and the experience economy
  • Target markets and competitive analysis
  • Qualitative consumer ‘mind and mood’ behavioural research
  • Identifying future trends
  • Stakeholder, industry and community consultation and insights
  • Federal, state and local government advocacy and relationship building
  • Active participation in tourism sector advocacy
  • Board and Executive briefings and engagement

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