Organizational Support & Culture

We align organizational resources in a way that fosters strong internal culture to enhance customer experience, facilitate change, build consistency, and empower impactful ambassadors. Incite works with organizations to develop communication, culture, or change management best practices, maximizing teamwork and partnerships with all stakeholders.

Employee Engagement

Building a strong and positive culture requires focus and commitment. Incite understands that every team is unique and works with organizations to identify the best approach to building an employee engagement strategy that is clear, achievable, and measurable. From identifying engagement goals to understanding employee expectations and pain points, Incite will help build and roll out a program unique to client teams.


Change Management

Change management is about realizing gains as much as it is about mitigating setbacks. By putting in place a standard process with the right tools, all forms of organizational change will not only see better chances of success but will produce tangible and lasting outcomes. With over 70% of change management efforts failing due to low employee engagement, lack of management support, poor collaboration, and no accountability, organizations that commit the resources required to successfully manage change gain an average of 143% of the expected returns.


From the preparation stages of a change project journey to managing and reinforcing change during the implementation, Incite guides clients through phases of change management by outlining the goals, strategic activities, and support required to achieve success.

Corporate Communications

Engagement and buy-in are critical to growth and can only be achieved through consistent and articulate communications. Incite works with organizations to ensure their key stakeholders receive the information they need through the right mediums, and at the right time. Incite can create customized internal and external communications plans, aligning stakeholder knowledge and expectations to more effectively champion organizational success.



Incite supports clients in finding best-fit, qualified, motivated members for their teams who will help their businesses thrive now and into the future. From job description creation and interview support to onboarding assistance, Incite is well positioned to provide organizations with the expertise and experience needed to support the recruitment of marketing and communications, fund development, business development, and customer experience roles.

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