Market Research

Research strengthens decision making by providing a thorough understanding of an organization’s market, clients, and influencers. Incite understands that effective market research is essential to understanding the stakeholder perceptions within the competitive landscape to make strategic, data-driven decisions for an organization. That is why we work closely with our clients to customize our proven research process to meet our client’s unique needs.


With several research methods available for use, we delve into the markets of our clients to validate assumptions, identify areas for improvement, and uncover key observations to support organizational decision making. The result is a tailored research plan that addresses specific challenges and opportunities by combining both qualitative and quantitative research elements – helping to make organizations more confident today and smarter tomorrow.

Client Feedback

Understanding that client satisfaction drives growth, Incite leverages client feedback to guide an organization’s direction, differentiation from competitors, and tactics to better support their clients. Using a toolkit that includes a wide range of methodologies including focus groups, client one-to-one interviews, round tables, and Net Promoter Score surveys, Incite drives to the root of key relationships to build a plan focused on uncovering ideal clients’ needs, pains, and most valued attributes of a client experience.


Market Analysis

Incite partners with clients looking to gain a better understanding of their marketplace by performing an industry overview, target market analysis, and competitive review. As markets are ever-changing, Incite is well-positioned to equip organizations with the most up-to-date information, critical for informing strategic planning and decision making.

Employee Feedback

For organizations looking to augment staff engagement, attraction, and retention, Incite is well versed in conducting reviews to explore internal culture. These reviews involve interviewing employees or conducting surveys across the organization to assess gaps and opportunities within our clients’ teams. Incite’s internal stakeholder research toolkit includes a wide range of methodologies including focus groups, staff interviews, employee satisfaction surveys, and Internal Net Promoter Score surveys.

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