Executive Facilitation

Meetings that Matter

We facilitate decision-making and help organizations build team alignment in areas of strategic importance. From facilitating leadership and team retreats to crafting discussions around challenging topics, we help executives and Boards find clarity, ideal solutions, and the confidence to make decisions.


Incite works with organizations to seek the best answer as opposed to just consensus. By helping to expand thinking with a fresh perspective, our facilitations offer an inclusive process that help drive strategic decision making. At Incite, our support includes planning and preparation for meetings, facilitating working sessions, and providing detailed reports that capture key discussion items, themes, and conclusions that surface.

Why Incite?

We are experts in facilitation.

Our team has a successful track record of working with organizations to facilitate successful meetings that deliver actionable outcomes. Whether it’s a board meeting, annual strategic planning session or a meeting aimed at tackling a tough question, challenge or opportunity, Incite works with our clients to plan, prep and deliver tailored meetings that will equip your organization with a clear roadmap to move the organization forward.



  • Meeting planning and preparation
  • Questions and key issues for consideration
  • Facilitation services
  • Facilitation summary that capture high-level recommendations and next steps
  • Board and executive advisory support

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