Corporate Communications

An Intentional and Impactful Approach to Communications

Knowing who you need to communicate with is the first step when designing and developing a thoughtful, timely and meaningful message. In today’s complex world of communication, understanding who you need to communicate with, when, and how can be overwhelming even for the most astute communicator.


At Incite, we develop communications plans by working with teams to establish an accurate picture of your organization’s past efforts, current needs, future expectations, and overall communications goals. Incite will assess current communications by soliciting feedback from relevant stakeholders (e.g., Board members, stakeholders, key influencers) who interact with your organization. We will assess current communications efforts by gathering market insight to allow us to identify the gaps between where you are and where you want to be, and provides a better understanding of your stakeholders’ needs, pains, and expectations, as well as opportunities for strategic communications.


Our proven communications planning process leverages input from decision makers within the organization as well as interviews and discussions with key stakeholders. Grounding the plan in research and engagement is key to developing a communications plan that pushes the envelope of what is achievable without becoming overwhelming.

Why Incite?

We are driven by strategy and ensure our clients have the right roadmap.

Incite is a strategy firm first and foremost. We leverage strategy to help organizations grow, build strong brands, and leverage communications to achieve specific objectives. Too often, marketing and communication is reduced to an exercise in sending emails or redesigning creative materials. For Incite, communications begin with strategy and understanding how an organization fits within each of its stakeholder groups. From there, a clear market position and differentiated value proposition is developed that forms the foundation for all future marketing and communications. We will equip your organization with a clear roadmap to move the organization forward over the coming 2-3 years.


We craft communications plans that deliver.

Incite works with organizations to not only understand their own internal communications needs, but also the needs of their stakeholders. Through a comprehensive research process, Incite helps organizations identify who they should be communicating with, the best mediums to do so, and the messaging that should be delivered.



  • Crisis/issues communications planning and implementation
  • Corporate Communications strategy development
  • Resource toolkit
  • Key messaging
  • Stakeholder identification

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