Community Engagement

We work with organizations to rethink their community engagement approach in a way that maximizes ROI. Having partnered with countless organizations on both the corporate and non-profit sides, Incite is uniquely positioned to recommend best practices, initiatives, and proactive strategies to organizations looking to make an impact that benefits everyone involved.

Fund Development

Incite’s experience in building fund development strategies helps not-for-profit organizations connect with their ideal donors by providing the support to create strategies, messaging, and activities that will ensure market position and messaging is clear and well-developed, while also improving brand awareness and visibility for the organization and its fund development program.


Community Investment Strategy

Incite partners with organizations seeking to create a focused and high-touch community investment plan. By providing support to local non-profits, businesses can unlock unique opportunities to engage with their ideal client, as well as with their owns teams, while contributing back to the community.

Corporate Sponsorship Playbook

Incite partners with organizations looking to develop tools to focus, enhance, and support their community outreach efforts. Through the development of a Sponsorship Playbook, Incite will provide recommendations on activation, sponsorship best practices, leveraging centres of influence, and other creative sponsorship approaches. In turn, our clients are able to build awareness for their organization over time while supporting non-profits in an impactful way that aligns with their overarching business objectives.


Public Engagement and Stakeholder Consultation

Incite works with organizations looking to creating opportunities where the public can contribute to decision-making. Incite conducts dozens of consultative research engagements each year and we have the know-how to design and deliver a process that both informs strategic decision-making and builds buy-in amongst the stakeholders who participate in the process.


With a wide range of methodologies, including stakeholder interviews, surveys, round tables, focus groups, and open space formats, Incite can assist organizations by designing a tailored plan that helps make organizations more confident today and smarter tomorrow.

Past Clients

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