Brand Strategy and Development

Brand experience. Redefined.

The importance of creating a brand experience that aligns with a defined brand strategy can not be understated. When a prospective customer first interacts with your brand, it must look and feel professional, credible and established. Incite works with organizations to assess your brand and market opportunity by interviewing key stakeholders to determine their needs and expectations, along with what they value most. These discussions inform an integrated communication plan that defines the brand strategy for the project including a new visual identity and key messaging.


Establishing guidelines to connect the visual identity design with the positioning and messaging helps an organization increase its profile and reputation as a leader. Incite will create brand experience guidelines as well as examples of the brand in-use for illustrative purposes; these elements serve as the visual tools to build a strong, aligned brand going forward. A strong identity ensures all your organization’s touch points reflect the brand with the consistency, effectiveness and visual integrity required to build brand equity.


Incite develops branding tools and deliverables to reinforce the new identity to both internal and external stakeholders. To ensure brand consistency, Incite can remain closely involved throughout the entire integration, providing recommendations and support on major communication decisions.

Why Incite?

We have a brand strategy process that extends beyond strong visuals.

Rather than simply creating visuals, our process defines the client’s needs, validates them with market feedback, and outlines a clear market position to inform brand. From there, brand strategy is created to deliver a market-driven solution that aligns with a clearly articulated set of marketing messages. An integrated approach to brand strategy will ensure your organization is set-up properly for long-term success.


We provide a strategic approach to marketing.

We believe your organization’s long-term needs will best be served by working with a partner positioned to support them holistically across all marketing platforms. By engaging Incite today, your organization will establish a working relationship with a firm that can build their strategy and then advise them accordingly as they pursue their future marketing and business development objectives.


We link research with creative expertise to create compelling visual identities.

Incite will leverage market feedback and its creative capacity to create a unique brand identity, with a clear story linking name, logo, and all materials.


Brand Support

  • Brand strategy
  • Internal brand integration
  • Visual identity system and brand experience guidelines
  • Provide examples of the application of the visual identity in different marketing materials
  • Embed downloadable logo files and colour palettes for third party distribution
  • Create brand experience guidelines including positioning, messaging, style and tone, logo assets, proper logo usage, and in-use examples

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