Back to Business Strategy and Recovery Roadmap

Reignite Your Business

Have You Discussed


  • When to start thinking about what a ‘new normal’ looks like?
  • Whether you have an accurate understanding of the new business landscape and trends across Alberta, or nation-wide? Do you know how they will impact you going forward?
  • What recovery looks like for Operations? Staffing? Marketing? Communications?
  • If you can still serve your clients the same?
  • How to build on your strengths and learnings from this time to develop organizational resiliency?


Incite is here to guide you through those questions and help your organization get back to business.

5-Step Approach

Our clients partner with Incite to access our strategic expertise, business networks, understanding of this new business environment, and relationship-driven philosophy for recovery and growth. Together we work through a 5-step process to help clients re-evaluate this new environment and strategically pivot their organization to move forward with confidence.

  • Step 1:

    Understand your new reality

  • Step 2:

    Evaluate the new landscape

  • Step 3:

    Identify the pivot

  • Step 4:

    Establish the recovery plan

  • Step 5:

    Maintain the momentum

From understanding the changes that have impacted the current Alberta marketplace, to defining the strategies that will help better position your business for optimal recovery, to providing a tactical action plan that can be used by your team to get back to business, Incite will partner with you to re-evaluate this new environment and explore pivots your organization could make so you can move forward with confidence.


Through this process we:


  • Clarify your position in the market by investigating the new business environment, identifying shifts in your customers’ behaviours and industry trends, and leveraging strengths that may have been revealed throughout this trying time


  • Align messaging and the touch points within your organization in a way that resonates with the new environment your customers are experiencing and effectively communicates your desired position in the market


  • Connect your organization with opportunities to develop or strengthen relevant connections, leverage key influencers to build lasting relationships and sources of referral, and equip your team with a tactical recovery plan that bridges the now to tomorrow

Move Forward with Confidence

Incite recognizes that COVID-19 has changed what the business environment looks like across Alberta, including the way people access products and services, how and when individuals interact with each other, and the ways in which businesses can influence the decision-making of their ideal customers. The same strategies you used to communicate to stakeholders or grow market share prior to the pandemic may not make sense anymore. How can you make sure your business is ready as the country moves into recovery?


Incite will work with you to guide your recovery efforts by building out an easy to use yet robust plan tailored to your businesses’ staffing and financial situation, as well as the environmental shifts that have occurred. The Back to Business Strategy and Recovery Roadmap can be started immediately and will help to build organizational resilience while bridging the now to tomorrow.

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