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If the best deals are those that generate value long after the ink dries, why isn’t more time put into ensuring every aspect of the transaction is managed? Strategic communications, marketing, stakeholder engagement, and corporate culture are far too often overlooked during M&A transactions despite the important role they play in maximizing long-term success.


Incite can help change the game. Our advisory services help to maximize the value of transactions through a structured, proactive approach that ensures alignment, engagement, and trust.


From due diligence to post-merger integration, Incite supports organizations through every stage of the deal life cycle. Drawing from over 20 years experience leading market expansion, brand development, and stakeholder engagement, our strategic approach helps organizations better understand their market, clearly articulate their value, align organizational resources, and provide the advice needed throughout the transaction journey.

Why Incite

Incite’s advisory services provide the support needed before, during, and after the transaction to maintain focus, create alignment, and ensure ongoing engagement. Combined with our extensive multi-industry knowledge and deep network of relationships across Western Canada’s business community, we bring highly customized strategies to each client’s merger or acquisition journey.


These services allow deal teams to establish a strategic approach to driving new business, navigating cultural integration, anticipating communications challenges, and better preparing for change.

Track Record

Incite is a proven partner for M&A activity in Western Canada and has a track record of supporting clients in building value and effectively executing business transactions.


Incite is a recognized thought leader for market strategy, business growth, branding, culture, stakeholder engagement, and communications.

Strategic Process

Incite is a strategy firm first and foremost. We leverage a strategic process to help organizations understand their market, clearly articulate their value, align organizational resources, and provide the advice needed throughout the transaction journey.


Incite has a defined process to support successful post-merger integration and long-term business growth.


We have a strong network of relationships with strategic buyers, private equity firms, private owner-managed companies, and professional services firms across Western Canada.


Our business-to-business (B2B) experience working with clients in energy services, manufacturing, construction, engineering, technology, and industrial services provides significant insight into each transaction.


We understand that business-to-business and targeted, niche communication between businesses is different than working with mass markets, and we’ve specialized accordingly. We are leaders in leveraging relational strategies that connect organizations with senior decision makers.

Key Issues

A successful deal demands an integrated set of alignment and engagement capabilities. Incite brings the whole set to the table, helping the transaction team achieve a better experience while maximizing the value of your transaction.


For cultural integration to be successful, employees must view it as core to the business. It should be treated seriously at all stages of the acquisition process: due diligence, pre-close integration planning, post-close integration, and ongoing operations. (4)


of sellers believe they could have handled communication and culture management more effectively during their last deal. (2)


of deals fail to fully deliver on their objectives because of ineffective post-merger integration. (1)


of failed deals were the result of poor management of the integration process . (3)


of acquirers say value creation should have been a priority on day one. (2)


of acquirers say cultural issues hampered the creation of value. (2)

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Incite’s advisory support before, during, and after the transaction was extremely valuable. They helped us articulate the right messaging and position the deal properly with Noralta’s key stakeholders. They also helped us stay focused on the ‘important’ vs the ‘urgent.’ Ensuring our people were engaged, aligned, and bought in throughout the transition to Civeo was critical to the deal’s success, and Incite helped us make that happen.

- Corey Smith, Former President & CEO, Noralta Lodge

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