What Millennials Want

What Millennials Want

AB's Best Workplace Perhaps one of the biggest questions for Albertan business people today is, “How do I attract and retain staff, especially the younger workforce?”

The tricky part is that staff prioritize various benefits from a job differently. However, fresh off our Best Workplace for Millenials award from Alberta Venture magazine, as a couple of millenials—defined as those under 35—we can tell you what makes Incite exceptional to us.

1) We want to work, play, and collaborate with a team of people with whom we are friends. We spend 40 or more hours a week with our coworkers. We want to know that we matter to them and show them that they matter to us. We have been on long-weekend trips with coworkers, babysat their dogs, met their families, been brought chicken noodle soup in bed, and shared successes along with the hard times. The bonds we have with each other make the stress and pace of working hard, worth it.

2) We want to know that are headed in a positive and prosperous direction. Our vision for the future is paramount. We millenials are idealists. Incite has helped us to firstly put our individual core purposes and core values into words. Then, take daily steps toward fulfilling them. Millenials align well with Incite’s core purpose, “Help leaders thrive”. It makes all our labour and effort feel meaningful.

3) We want to see that our opinions actually matter. At Incite, we are challenged to try new things, whether or not our ideas succeed. And with that, our voices are heard. One of the principals said in a recent professional development session, “You don’t need my permission to move all these great ideas into action. Just go ahead and try it!” That means a lot to millenials.

4) We need the flexibility to work when we are at our best. Millennials have no problem working a twelve-hour day or a Saturday now and then, when we know that we have permission to manage ourselves. By being trusted to govern our own workloads, we are not only more productive, but also empowered to lead. Being a leader is one of the most important parts of business and what a great way to spark it.

We have heard from many employers and some of our clients who struggle to understand millenials. They wish millenials would just conform and subscribe to the traditional work place rules and methodologies. Instead, let’s start the dialogue to help to better understand all points of view. Incite has built that dialogue into its foundation. Our core values attest to that and so does the team of  awesome millenials here at Incite. Because we know that in all marketing—including the internal corporate culture kind—the need to be responsive to the market is paramount.


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