What kind of pen are you?

What kind of pen are you?

Anyone who knows Incite has seen our pens. They’re big, they’re beautiful, and we each have one. In fact, they’re kind of our thing.

Did we make them? Nope.

Are they branded with our logo? Nowhere.

Do they all look the same? Not a bit.

When Incite rebranded, like every company, we wanted to stamp our new logo on everything. We were excited about our new style and we wanted to show the world.

But, when it came to picking a thank you gift for all the work we do (a common artifact to represent the individuals while at the same time uniting the team), Ted and Jared chose something that didn’t have our logo anywhere.

Whether we admit it or not, as a culture we define ourselves by the brands we use. At Incite, we identify with the highly designed, elegantly effective, and beautiful ACME pen. It’s a brand that speaks to our core values (like creativity, rigor, and passion) while still letting each of us choose our own design.

The Incite brand is so strongly influenced by our people that it makes no sense to choose something identical for each of us. Each of us has autonomy, authority, and a voice.

Even though it’s a small detail, our pens make a big statement about who we are.

So, next time you see us, ask.

What kind of pen are you?


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