Incite’s Top 5 Takeaways from 2021

Incite’s Top 5 Takeaways from 2021

Although COVID brought many challenges throughout 2021, the Incite team got together to reflect and discuss some of the more positives notes from the past year. As we enter the new year with uncertainty, we hope to shed some light on the positives which were often hid by the year full of ups and downs.

1. Maintaining a positive mindset reveals opportunity 


  • As we head into what looks like yet another year of COVID dominating the headlines it is easy to become discouraged and frustrated. By reframing our mindset around adversity, we can often uncover opportunity.   
  • Jason Dorland has an excellent reframing question to ask yourself when faced with seemingly unfavourable circumstances:” How do I make this the best thing that has ever happened to me?”   
  • The pandemic has surely tested many of us in different ways. By seeking ways to learn, adapt, and grow through the pandemic there are many positives that have emerged. Some of our team members have found their kids have become more independent and their families have spent more time together outdoors.  
  • Incite has launched several new initiatives because of refocusing our mindset on seeing new opportunities.  

How will you make 2022 a great year, regardless of what happens with COVID?


2. Having a strong team that you trust is vital to growth  


  • Incite established a Board of Advisors to help influencer our mergers and acquisitions offering, bringing together three experts we admire in the space who we knew could help guide us to deliver great work for our clients (read more about them here)   
  • We expanded our roster of associates with two new hires mid-year, increasing our overall capacity to serve clients and nurture industry partnerships.  
  • It is always a good reminder when you onboard how important it is to seek cultural fit, along with the addition of specific expertise, in order to align expectations and values as it directly affects long term organizational success. This is key when it comes to mergers and acquisitions as well.  

Organization’s get built from the inside out; you can’t weather storms like COVID-19 without a strong foundation.


3. Maintaining a healthy workplace culture fuels great work  


  • Everyone has heard time and time again over this year about the importance of creating a healthy work atmosphere but, what does that really mean? In some cases, it can be as simple as calling it out as a priority. Incite is often known for our internal culture, but COVID has reminded us that we sometimes must work harder to maintain it, so we’ve called out Culture & Workplace Wellness as one of our key strategic priorities for 2022.  
  • We know that it takes time and effort but, we have seen it pay off in dividends. “This year I was put in charge of leading one of Incite’s priorities for enhancing our culture”, says Stephanie, one of our associates at Incite, “we have made the focus on improving the physical and mental wellbeing of Inciter’s and I love working for a company that puts its people first.”   
  • This year, our team has increased our focus on providing space for one another to discuss our mental health and has begun establishing formal and informal wellness drivers and support systems to ensure a positive atmosphere for all Inciters.   

When your people feel well and are thriving, it’s the individuals, the collective team, and your clients who benefit.


4. A change of space will bring a change of pace   


  • With many teams continuing to adapt to a hybrid work environment, we have discovered the importance of celebrating a new space to call home.  
  • Incite has been fortunate to have our team in the office and our new location has provided us with an open concept which makes it easy to collaborate and gives us a chance to recharge with new energy as we take on the new year.  
  • Dedicating time to naming our spaces together such as naming our lunchroom, meeting rooms, calling rooms, etc., was a fun exercise and made everyone feel like they were apart of the process.  

New spaces can help revitalize the workplace and fuel your team


5. Making time for personal development helps to maintain humility and empathy 


  • As there have been projects with either tight timelines or just a lot of work, we have made an intentional effort to block out time in our calendars for personal development time or coaching with our teammates. These conversations are vital when trying to understand what others are experiencing internally.   
  • Using this time together, we discuss what is going well, what needs work and perhaps some of the personal challenges that we face day in and out, here at Incite. It gives time to air out these conversations and get support on what can be done to help tackle these challenges.  
  • We believe that this time is crucial for our team and relates directly to one of our core values of growth as our path to expertise demands infinite learning and growth!  

How will you be engaging your team and practicing growth in 2022?

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