Every Investment Deserves a Strategy

Every Investment Deserves a Strategy

How does your company invest in the community or support charitable causes?

…donating to the people who ask?

…giving money out on the fly?

…quietly making a contribution to a local cause?

…doling out to as many causes as possible?

Most companies today that contribute to the community are donating in one of these ways, and their reasons could be endless.

  • “I just can’t say no.”
  • “I don’t have the time to plan my donations.”
  • “I want to give out of the goodness of my heart. I don’t want to brag about it.”
  • “I’ve always supported these causes. I can’t stop now.”

At the end of the year, many business owners look at their annual donations wondering “Where did the money go and did it make a difference?”

By investing without a strategy there’s a missed opportunity. If the transaction starts and ends at the signing of the cheque, then, yes, the charity gets some money and the business spends the donation budget for the year, but no ongoing relationship is formed.
There’s so much more to community investment than money.

When you actually engage with the community, you:

  • bring staff together
  • raise awareness about issues that matter
  • connect people with similar values
  • improve the community around you
  • remind yourself that your job isn’t just the ‘9-5’ (or the 9-9 for many business owners)

If you knew something could have such a far-reaching and positive impact on your business and the community, wouldn’t you give it more focus?


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