COVID-19: Week 6 Insights

COVID-19: Week 6 Insights

Friends, clients, partners, and fellow community leaders,

As the late, great Tom Petty sang, “It’s time to move on, time to get going. What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing.”

There is something to be said about the lyrics from Petty’s timeless song “Time to Move On”.

When is it time to move on? When should we start to think about what is next? A lack of clarity, certainty and confidence has clouded thinking for the past six weeks. But as leaders, we must forge through the fog and begin to pivot from a position of response to a position of recovery. This means using this time to develop strategies for how we will restart our teams and operations in what will be the new normal. These are challenging issues with difficult conversations, none of which can be solved overnight. Yet, preparation today will result in a strong recovery tomorrow.

As history has taught us, this crisis will eventually end, as all crises do.

In our continued effort to share ideas that will prove useful as you navigate up the COVID-19 mountain and in conjunction with the launch of our Back-to-Business services, we’ve turned our attention in Week 6 to strategic conversations worth having.

How has your business changed?

Consider changes to the services you offer, modifications to how operations are conducted, adjustments to how you engage with your team, or updated messaging that better resonates with customers. This exercise alone might unearth potential improvements, efficiencies, or cost savings that could be carried forward post-COVID.

Now is the time to take inventory of the new business environment, identifying industry trends or changes in customer behavior that will not only impact operations and how you deliver your product or services but each of your functional areas of business.

What does recovery look like?                             

What steps can be taken now to identify opportunities, consider different business scenarios, and understand the changes that have impacted your customers, suppliers, and partners? Start by defining the priorities that will help better position your business for the best possible recovery. These priorities might look different from those that were put into place courtesy of your strategic plan. But by defining your new priorities, and identifying existing ones that remain relevant, you can engage your team and equip them with a timely and relevant tactical action plan that will begin shifting thinking to what recovery means for your business.

Compass Collective Launches

Incite is proud to be a founding partner of the Compass Collective. This group of like-minded professional service providers offer complimentary advice, workshops, and other resources designed to support leaders as they move forward. Visit the Compass Collective website to learn more:

Incite has launched a series of Back-to-Business services to help navigate todays uncertainty while planning for tomorrow. Details of these services can be found here:

Our insights from Weeks 1 to 5, along with other valuable resources, can be found here:

Incite continues to fully operate, serving clients from a remote working environment and following directions from Alberta Health Services ( We encourage all individuals and businesses to comply with their recommendations.

Future weekly insights will focus on leadership, communication, business recovery post COVID-19, and collaborative initiatives that can help minimize costs. If there’s a topic you have been pondering, share with us so we can start a conversation. If you’re thinking about it, others likely are too. We all need connection and inspiration at this time.

Our team is steadily focused on making an impact. Keep going and be well.

Jesse Meyer


Jesse Meyer
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