COVID-19: June Insights

COVID-19: June Insights

#100Days – The Journey Continues

It has been 100 days since COVID-19 disrupted business as usual in Canada and most of the world. The impact, both positive and negative, to our daily lives has been significant. We remain encouraged by our community of friends, clients, and partners whose ongoing efforts to navigate this strange new world have helped shaped our perspective on how best to move forward.

“Patience is not passive, on the contrary, it is concentrated strength.”

– Bruce Lee

100 days of operating in COVID-19 has shed light on several key values that are helping organizations work through the many challenges.  Three we wish to share from June:

    1. Patience. COVID-19 often feels like we are running in quicksand. Inordinate amounts of effort are spent for little to no perceived progress. In fact, it may feel like you are sliding backwards. It is critical to remind yourself that seeds planted today will grow…in time. Keep pushing forward. Keep innovating in your approach. Keep sharing new ideas. Remain patient and confident that your hard work today will show up in positive results in the future. We suspect the return on effort curve through COVID-19 will be flat for some time, but that once it starts to bend upwards it will rise quickly for those that invest time and resources now to strengthen their capabilities and enhance their position in the market.
    2. Discipline. At the best of times, it feels like it is impossible to get everything done. COVID-19 has you trying to do more with less and has only served to exacerbate this time crunch. It has also made you more reactive and less decisive. Clarity of focus is key as you move into the long middle phase of this business as unusual reality. As you get increasingly worn down and discouraged from the ongoing pressures COVID-19 places on your businesses, it will require incredible discipline to identify the most important priorities and willingly set to the side valuable initiatives that simply must wait. Organizations that keep their focus in 2020 on advancing only a few select, strategic initiatives are likely to have the greatest success in 2021. What are the 3 most important priorities for your organization over the next 6 months? Is everyone in your company aligned around them?
    3. Grace. COVID-19 has increased stress, disrupted routines, and impacted the customer service experience for many organizations. It is easy to become frustrated with call centres, receptionists, account reps, cashiers, servers, and essential front-line workers, and for them to become frustrated with us. Organizations are wise to invest additional time now to ensure their people and their processes prioritize kindness and understanding in interacting with those they serve. In times of adversity, small acts of grace can have an oversized impact on how those around you experience your personal and organizational brand.
Ted Kouri
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