Belterra before Incite

With almost 50 years in the business and 19 locations across Canada, Belterra was already established as one of the nation’s leading single-source providers for conveyor parts and services. Though the company had built a solid reputation, it knew there was potential to grow, and determined that a refresh to its existing website was the solution.

Belterra with Incite

In a commoditized industry, we knew it was important to clarify Belterra’s unique market position and value. Without the right content, the website wouldn’t serve a greater purpose. The company needed strategic positioning that highlighted its competitive advantage, plus key messages to help it effectively communicate these differentiators to its customers.


Through research that included thorough stakeholder interviews, we were able to identify what Belterra offers that its existing customers want, and more importantly, what makes it the best choice for new customers:


  • Its wealth of knowledge and understanding about conveyor belts that goes beyond sales, allowing its team to act as trusted advisors to clients
  • The additional support it provides to customers through recommendations; installations; and maintenance, repair, and emergency services


Upon establishing this value proposition, Incite was able to create a strategic plan that positioned Belterra as a trusted advisor and supplier for complete conveying solutions. Using the website as a tool, we developed key messages that brought Belterra’s value to the forefront, and provided it with the resources and recommended collateral to ensure consistent delivery of its key messages and brand.

The real differentiator for Belterra became clear during stakeholder interviews: conveyor downtime was a major operational risk for their clients, and they trusted Belterra to help them mitigate that risk. That trust was built through strong advisory relationships that went beyond the transactional nature of the sales process. Once we understood Belterra’s role as trusted advisor, we were able to create messaging that communicated their real value, differentiated their offering from competitors, and enhanced their brand.

- Brad Arkison, Principal, Incite


Since implementing our recommended strategies, Belterra has been able to successfully align the overall brand to its value proposition. With our guidance, the executive team members were able to better understand these values and how to effectively communicate them to various stakeholder groups, including employees, customers, and suppliers.


Belterra has also seen an increase in website visits, along with a steady increase in acquiring new customers.

We needed our website updated and engaged with Incite to help us. They proposed we take a step back first to assess our current position in the marketplace. Incite connected with several stakeholders to determine our key value points, including our employees, customers, and suppliers. The exercise was extremely enlightening to our leadership team and helped us align our marketing messages. Working with Incite truly helped us raise the professionalism of our brand messaging and image.

- Janice Stasiuk, President and CEO, Belterra

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