An Introvert’s Business Survival Guide

An Introvert’s Business Survival Guide

We all have that friend or coworker who can enter a crowded room full of strangers and come away with a handful of fast friends and new connections. These people are naturally charming, engaging, have instinctive comedic timing and can carry a conversation on any topic. We call these people extroverts.

In the business world and in building client relationships, these extroverts seem to have the natural advantage. So how do you survive, nay thrive, as an introvert in an extroverted world? How do you network successfully and build meaningful business connections if you are naturally more reserved?

1) Structure interactions around strong content or an activity.

Extroverts seem to glide through life and seem quite comfortable to fly by the seat of their pants. Introverts on the other hand, are much more comfortable being able to predict what is going to happen and be prepared. By structuring interactions and planning ahead, introverts can lead with an interesting article or something similar, to get the discussion going.

2) Make it all about the other person.

When you are meeting with an extrovert remember that they love to talk. What is their favourite topic? Themselves! By asking simple questions you can get an extrovert going and play the beloved role as “the listener.”

3) Align with other introverts.

Statistically speaking 50% of the people you meet will be introverts. They will naturally be more comfortable with silence and will align themselves more easily with other introverts. They won’t interpret a reserved nature as a lack of boldness or enthusiasm, but rather, how it is intended–thoughtfulness!

4) Partner with an extrovert.

The gift of the gab and a natural disarming wit will always be nuclear weapons in the business world. Arming yourself with an ally who can operate the heavy artillery can take the heat off, while allowing every opportunity to be fully cultivated.

The most attractive quality, and one that will help to build a strong relationship every time, is authenticity. By reframing introverted “weaknesses” into business abilities and even strengths, everyone can succeed in this extroverted world of ours.


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