A Quick Guide to Curating Content

A Quick Guide to Curating Content

Anyone who has ever attempted to run a social media platform knows that content is king.

The best pages stream interesting, creative, thought provoking content on a daily basis. But how can a community manager get their hands on a plethora of content gold?

1. Use ghosts
Create ghost social media pages to follow interesting blogs, pages, and personalities. This way you create a central research point to sort through and share content.
A ghost page is also helpful if you’re not ready to publically like or follow a page but are still interested in following their stories.

2. Make a newsroom
Create a monthly team “newsroom” to inspire staff to come up with unique content ideas. Casual articles writing by staff can stem genuine conversations and spark multiple posts throughout the year.

3. Tie content to business goals
Prioritize a list of key topics related to your business goals and develop feature stories throughout the year. Use a professional writer to compose white papers and share key components regularly.

4. Schedule your posts
Use a social media scheduling tool such as Hootsuite or BufferApp to post regularly occurring base content. Supplement base content with spur of the moment posts and conversations.

An effective digital strategy is a time intensive project. Simply registering a new Twitter account is akin to buying a telephone but not hiring the salesman to make the cold calls.

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