CK Dhaliwal

CK Dhaliwal

CK joined in the Incite team in June 2021 bringing with him his charisma, management experience, and love for people, marketing & growth. He works with our clients to help guide them through Incite’s strategic process and provides input and guidance to each project. With his 10 years combined experience in retail, managing marketing projects, and managing a local non-profit in Edmonton, he has developed a unique skillset that allows him to provide clients with sensible solutions.


Outside business related activities you can find CK in various artistic endeavours – including performing with his sketch comedy team at the local Fringe Festival in venues across Edmonton. As CK is passionate about the Edmonton business scene, he also serves on the Edmonton Business Association board on, both Membership and Outreach chairs, to help get small businesses connected with local networking resources and education. CK’s love for people is what inspires and motivates him to provide his best work for his clients, colleagues, and friends.


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